Whitelisting Instructions

To make sure that you're receiving my emails, you'll need to whitelist emails from "delightvoss.com"

Gmail users:

Don't let my emails get stuck in the Promotions tab purgatory! 

Use your computer for this, mobile doesn't have this option.

Step 1: Find an email from "delight@delightvoss.com" (Use the search tab if you don't see it right away.)

Step 2: Click and drag the email from the Promotions tab into the Priority tab.

Step 3: Add "delight@delightvoss.com" to your contacts.


Step 4: Emails from me will go to your primary inbox, so you won't miss them!


Other Email Service Users

If you use Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc....

Please add "delight@delightvoss.com" as a contact in your online address book.