Mental Clarity Angel Mala


Mental Clarity Angel Mala


Got brain fog? Having trouble focusing? Feeling overwhelmed by negative self talk or anxious thoughts?

This Mental Clarity Angel Mala brings the energies of Archangel Zadkiel, fluorite and smoky quartz together to help you feel grounded, centered and in control of your mind. 

Mantra: I am clear, focused and protected.

To meditate with this mala: Touch each bead one at a time and recite the mantra as you go. You’ll clear mental clutter, stagnation, negative thoughts, worries and distractions. After meditating with this mala for a few minutes, you’ll feel lighter, more focused and know just what to do next.

You can get the benefits of the Zadkiel/Fluorite energy without even meditating! Just wear this mala through the day when you need a little boost of mental focus.

Wear this mala when…

+ You are about to make a big presentation and you need to be sharp

+ You’re studying for a test and need to remember lots of facts

+ You’re taking a test and need to remember what you studied

+ You want clarity on the next step

+ You’re having lots of ideas, but aren’t sure if they’re from your intuition or from your ego, and you want clarity.

Mala specifics

  • 108 purple and green fluorite 8 mm beads
  • 1 smoky quartz 10 mm guru bead
  • nylon cord
  • handmade cotton tassel
  • length = 25 inches/63 cm

Malas are made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days for crafting and shipping.


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About Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is the angel you want to call on when you really need your mind to function at full capacity. He can help your memorize facts, improve focus and make decisions. If you feel scattered, confused or distracted, call on Archangel Zadkiel.

Zadkiel also helps with developing your intuitive abilities, especially clairaudience. Zadkiel can help you to discern whether messages and ideas are from your higher guidance or from your ego mind. If you’re unsure, call on Zadkiel and he’ll help you feel clear and confident.

About Fluorite

Fluorite supports mental clarity and sharpening of mental focus. It acts as a “psychic vacuum cleaner” to clean up all negative thoughts, worries, anxiety and distractions. Wearing fluorite allows you to focus your thoughts on the present moment or the positive results that you want to create in your future. Fluorite can help you discern the intentions of people around you and make firm boundaries around the type of energy that you want to allow into your space.

About Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a wonderful grounding and protective stone which perfectly compliments the energy of fluorite. This mala has smoky quartz as the guru bead to assist with pulling the mental energy down into form and using it to manifest your creations on the physical plane.

My Mala-Making Process

I choose mental clarity as the intention for this mala and picked fluorite and Archangel Zadkiel as perfect support energies to make it super powerful.

I turned on Reiki music, set up my beads and pulled 3 Archangel Zadkiel cards to have by my side while stringing the beads.

I started Reiki energy flowing through my hands so that each bead and each knot would be infused with love, Reiki.

Then I called on Archangel Zadkiel to come and assist me with the process to powerfully charge the fluorite beads with the intention of mental clarity.

As I strung and knotted each bead, I said the mantra out loud: “I am clear, focused and protected."

Care Instructions

Malas are made with a very durable nylon cord. To extend the life of your mala, avoid getting it wet. Over time, humidity may cause the mala to stretch.

To clear/recharge your mala's energy, set it in your windowsill during the full moon. 

Some say that if your mala breaks, it's a sign that you've achieved the intention associated with it. So, yay!? But don't worry. If your mala breaks, you can send it to me for repair. Just contact