Reiki Energy Healing


What is a Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that works on 4 areas of your body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki also balances and aligns the 7 chakras (pictured at left).

Reiki is a great way to relax and de-stress while allowing healing energy to flow to any area of your physical and energetic body that needs a little loving care.

If you feel:

  • Sluggish or low energy
  • Confused, unfocused or overwhelmed
  • Blocked or stuck in a certain area of your life

Then a Reiki session can help you to feel:

  • Energized and vibrant
  • Clear, focused and confident
  • Inspired toward change, healing and solutions to difficult life situations



    Reiki healing for empaths

    If you're an empath, then you're really sensitive to energy and you often pick up other people's emotions. If you carry that energetic junk around with you long term, you can start to have all kinds of emotional, physical and mental issues.

    So, it's time to let that shit go!

    Reiki is a fantastic way for empaths to clear their energy system of all the toxic stuff that they've picked up from other people. And to strengthen their own connection to their intuitive gifts.

     The 7 Chakras depicted in a glass mural in a Boulder, Colorado restaurant.

    The 7 Chakras depicted in a glass mural in a Boulder, Colorado restaurant.

    What to expect

    Before your Reiki session

    You'll book your session online. Just scroll down and click the "Book Now" button on this page.

    Then, you'll get an email confirmation and a link to my online calendar to choose the day and time for your session.

    I'll also email you a client consent form for you to sign and return before your first session with me

    During your Reiki session

    I do all of my Reiki healing from a distance. Which means that you'll be at your house and I'll be at mine. We'll talk through Zoom video chat.

    Note: Reiki energy isn't restrained by time and space so distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions.

    You'll want to find a place and time where you can relax, be quiet and enjoy the Reiki energy that I send to you.

    Reiki is a different experience for everyone. Many people will feel tingles, warmth, or subtle energy movements in their bodies.

    Other people don't experience any physical sensations, but just enjoy relaxing and allowing the Reiki to work on their emotional, mental or spiritual bodies.

    After your Reiki session

    Reiki keeps working for up to three days after the session is completed. You may experience the effects of Reiki and relaxation for days after the session.

    Delight performed a healing and clearing session for me over the phone and it was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. I have recommended Delight before and will continue to do so. This girl has gifts and I’m so thrilled she’s sharing them and serving other peoples’ journeys.
    — Shannon T.

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    60 minute session - $60 minimum


    These readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a medical, financial or legal expert. I do not diagnose or give specific advice. If needed, please seek an appropriate professional for advice, therapy or mental health support.