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Q&A Tarot Card Readings with your Angels

Need some clarity to make a big decision? Feeling lost about what to do next? I can help you connect with your Angels to get answers to your big questions.

I do intuitive readings by using Tarot/Angel cards to contact your Angels. This is your chance to get information about your life from a different perspective. 

During readings, I work with the Archangels and your personal guardian angels. My intention with every reading is that all the information that comes forward is for your greatest good.

I meet with clients over Zoom video chat, so you can schedule with me from anywhere in the world! Angels don't have time and space limitations, so I can read for you just as accurately from thousands of miles away!


Delight’s kind, insightful nature made me feel immediately comfortable and trusting during our reading. Her intuition and interpretations were spot on and she gave me clear ideas about my current work situation, which I was seeking guidance on. I would not hesitate to recommend Delight’s services, whether you regularly seek psychic services or are looking into this for the first time.
— Emily J.

Angel readings will:

  • Tell you about your potential and what kind of changes you could make in order to reach that potential.
  • Give insights into your current life situation to give you more information about making decisions and choosing your next step.

Angel readings will not:

  • Predict your future. You will get guidance about where you are headed vs. where you might like to go.
  • Tell you what to do. You will receive suggestions from your guides, but you always have the choice to follow or not.

Readings always include specific action steps. It's like homework from your Angels! When your session is finished, you will have a clear plan of the next step to fulfill your life purpose and become the best version of yourself.

I had a wonderful reading with Delight. She really helped validate a lot of things I was already feeling and provide clarity to a lot of confusion I’ve been dealing with. She is very personable and sweet and truly wants to help guide and heal. Her insights were very accurate with what is going on in my life. Highly recommend a reading with her if you are feeling at all lost and need some clarity.
— Yasmin D.

What to Expect

Scheduling your reading

After your payment has been processed, you'll receive a link to my online scheduler. After you book your time, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to download Zoom video chat (it's free!).

Before your reading

Write down or think about your questions. Where are you feeling stuck in your life? What area of your life feels like you need a little extra guidance or a push in the right direction? Angels and guides can really help you to move forward in these areas of your life.

During your reading

You have the option to record your reading through Zoom.

At the beginning of your reading, I will call on your angels and guides as well as my angels and guides to protect us and assist with the reading. I'll ask that all the information that comes forward will be for your greatest good and the greatest good of anyone else involved. Then I'll talk to you about your questions and check in with my tarot cards and the guides to give you more insight. At the end of the reading, I'll close by thanking our angels and guides for the help they've given.

After your reading

I send a follow-up email with a recording of our reading and pictures of any cards. In the email, I also include a quick summary of what we talked about and links to any suggested resources.

More information about confidentiality, cancellation, refunds and ethics.

60 Minute Reading
Regular price: $200


30 Minute Reading
Regular price: $100


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