Praise for Psychic and Tarot Card Readings

Delight is an extremely talented and gifted psychic.  She knows things she simply could not know without psychic information.  She's also someone who is down to earth and relatable so its easy to trust her and feel like she gets the real world too.  I'd definitely recommend seeing Delight for readings or clearings.
     -Laura P.

I tend to be a pretty skeptical person but my experience with Delight really blew me away. We did a general reading and, without me sharing anything, she immediately targeted some really pertinent topics and issues for me.  Her reading provided some really great clarity for me on these issues and she even had some recommendations for a book to check out and a technique to try based on what we discussed.  She has a wonderful vibe and I felt really comfortable.  I'd definitely see her for a reading again!
     -Liv L.

I have known Delight for many years and she knows me very well. That said, the readings I've had with her have always opened new doors into my life and started new conversations with her and thoughts about myself that I've never had before. I am grateful for the time I've spent with her and the insights and wisdom she's shared with me. I highly recommend Delight whether it be your first psychic experience or your 100th!
     -Kris M.

Delight is a beautiful and  bright soul.  She helped me see more clearly what direction my life could go in.  I felt safe and secure, known and understood.  She is someone who is able to help you on your path.  Thanks to Delight, I learned and relearned important aspects of myself.
     -Anne F.

Delight's kind, insightful nature made me feel immediately comfortable and trusting during our reading. Her intuition and interpretations were spot on and she gave me clear ideas about my current work situation, which I was seeking guidance on. I would not hesitate to recommend Delight's services, whether you regularly seek psychic services or are looking into this for the first time.
     -Emily J.

Delight is aptly named.  I was very comfortable with her.  She has a knack for delving into her intuition and relating what she's seeing in an understandable way.  Delight really zeroed in on my question and issues.  My reading was fantastically accurate, and helped me confirm some hunches that I'd had.  I definitely trust the guidance Delight provides.
     -Sara L.

I have known Delight for many years, and her work is significant! Her gift of insight delves safely into inner and external truths about the people she reads for and the universe around us. Her most recent reading for me pressed me to recognize the changes I need to make in my life. I am very grateful for it. I highly recommend a tarot reading with her.
     -Charlie L..

Delight's reading felt connected and sincere. I wasn't sure what to ask, but she keyed in immediately to the most important issues facing me right now. I left feeling like I got some useful information I could use.
     -Anthony M.

I had only met Delight online prior to our 30 minute tarot reading; she did not have any background information about me and had not prepared for my questions ahead of time.  She was very personable and relatable during our call and answered both of my questions with support from our guides.  I can only say Delight was spot on about the cards which she had drawn and her insight as to the meaning behind personalities and relationship dynamics both between myself and another person and an inner conflict I am working with.  She was very easy to talk to, and I felt very comfortable.  I now feel I have a starting point and a little more insight into what I need to do.  I will definitely contact her again for this service.
     -Laura D.