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Confident Empaths 101

Overwhelm and anxiety are some of the most common complaints that I hear from empaths. And I've been there too!

So, I created Calm to share my favorite tools that I use to let go of overwhelm, ground my energy and calm down. Discover how to chill out and relax with angel meditations, crystals, essential oils and more!


Balance Your Chakras

With the Angels

As empaths, it's super easy for our energy systems to get out of whack. We absorb energy from everyone around us and then it gets stuck in our chakras and aura! This creates blocks to our own emotional freedom and success.

In this one hour workshop, you'll learn about your 7 chakras, how to know if they're balanced or not, and how to call on the Archangels to clear and balance them. A guided meditation is included to lead you through the process so you can feel aligned and free.


How to Recognize the Signs from Your Angels

Did you know that your Angels are talking to you every day? If not, them maybe you need a little more practice to recognize their signs and messages.

Empaths have a keen ability to tune into messages and signs from the Angelic realm. If we know what to look for. So, in this course you'll discover the 4 main types of signs that your Angels are already sending you, and how to interpret them.

When you work with your Angels and follow your guidance, you can expect amazing clarity and confidence with everything you do!


How to Read Oracle Cards Intuitively

Start developing your empath gifts with Oracle cards! I hear from a lot of empaths that they second guess their own intuition. Oracle cards are a fantastic way to get validation for your intuitive hits and learn to trust yourself even more.

In this 1 hour workshop, you'll learn my simple 8-step process to read Oracle cards accurately for yourself and others!

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Clear Past Life Money Blocks

With Archangel Metatron

Do you feel like you're stuck when it comes to money? Do you start to get ahead and then find that something goes wrong and you're right back where you started?

You might have some deep money blocks, even from a past life! Learn how Archangel Metatron can help you to heal and release your money blocks so that you can live with more freedom and ease around money.

Uncover Your Life Purpose

With the Angels

Do you ever ask yourself the big questions...why am I here? What's the point of my life? Why on earth did I have to be born an empath?

There's definitely a point and purpose to your life and your empath gifts! Sometimes, you just have to dig through the layers of expectations and "shoulds" from yourself and others to connect with that purpose.

Discover how the Angels can help you on your journey to feel confident and clear about all of your biggest life decisions.