Medium Readings


What is a medium reading?

A medium reading is a chance for me to help you connect with a friend or family member who is no longer with us. I have the unique ability to tune in and hear communications from the spiritual realm. I use this gift to help you receive messages from your loved one.

What to expect

The reading will last for 60 minutes. To start, I'll do a quick invocation to ask for assistance from your Angels and spirit guides.

I don't want to know much about the loved ones who you would like to contact. We want to let information and details come through them.

Then I'll reach out to your departed and see who wants to send you a message. When I make a connection with a spirit, they will usually send some information to validate that they are the spirit we are looking for. Many times I will get a name, favorite color, details about their appearance, etc.

You may have a specific person in mind who you want to talk to, and a different loved one may come through first. For example, you may want to chat with your mother, but your great aunt will come through instead. Don't worry if this happens. We will have 60 minutes together and there will be plenty of time to talk with a few of your loved ones on the other side. 


Delight has a true gift in connecting with spirits. She was able to help me to have peace with my grandmother passing and allowed me to reconnect with her in ways I didn’t think were possible. I am so grateful for the experience and highly recommend Delight for anyone who is wishing to reach out to their loved ones.
— Mindy F.


Long distance readings

I live in Colorado, but it's ok if you don't. I don't need to be near to you physically in order to do a reading for you. Long distance readings are just as accurate as face to face readings because spirit is not restricted by time and space the way that our physical bodies are.

We can do your reading over the phone, Skype or FaceTime. Whichever form of technology you prefer. I've got them all! :)

Scheduling your reading

After booking your reading, we will communicate through email to set up a day and time to talk. After your purchase, you will be redirected to a site which lists my days and times of availability and how to contact me to confirm a reading time. I will make sure to touch base with you within 24 hours of your purchase in order to schedule our time together.

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Price: $121


These readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a medical, financial or legal expert. I do not diagnose or give specific advice. If needed, please seek an appropriate professional for advice, therapy or mental health support.