Intuitive Oracle is a 6-week journey for spiritual seekers who are ready to connect with their intuition on a whole new level.


Do you ever have trouble trusting your intuition? I'm here to tell about Oracle cards and how they can help you to connect with your higher guidance and TRUST the information that you receive.

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Delight. Yes, that’s my real name. And I’m here to show you that the connection and confidence that you are longing for in your heart is absolutely attainable. 

Oracle cards are for everybody! They don’t belong to any tradition, religion or spiritual faith. You don't have to be special or have any psychic experiences in order to use Oracle cards to connect with the spiritual realm.

I created Intuitive Oracle to share what I've learned about Oracle cards and how they have helped me to tap into my intuition. Reading cards for myself and others has helped me to build my confidence and feel more peaceful about making important decisions.

In this course, you will…

  • learn 11 Oracle card spreads that you can use to do readings for yourself and others
  • heal your energy body and discover the blocks that are holding you back from trusting yourself 
  • establish strong energy boundaries with the help of Archangel Michael
  • practice reading spreads about life purpose, abundance, romance, decision-making and more
  • discover which crystals, essential oils and spiritual practices best compliment your daily life

Intuitive Oracle is a 6 week live class. Each week you will receive:

  • Video training on Fridays (so you can practice over the weekend)
  • Live group card reading practice on Wednesdays (give and receive readings)
  • Access to me and other students in the course through a private Facebook group

All of the trainings and group reading practice sessions will be hosted on Zoom (a video conferencing app that you can download onto your computer/tablet/phone). Each session will be recorded and available for download within 24 hours.

My favorite part of the course was the live group reading sessions. Now I’m trusting my intuition even more and I learned that I can do this without any fear!
— Karina F.


Join Intuitive Oracle now!

If you want to learn about Oracle cards AND have access to a wonderful, supportive community to receive feedback and encouragement. Plus, 6 sessions of live reading practice with me.

You will get....

  • 6 weeks of online trainings
  • Facebook community to connect and practice with other group members
  • Weekly live guided card reading practice
  • Intuitive Oracle Card Reader certification
  • Ongoing alumni practice sessions after you finish the course

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Join Intuitive Oracle Pro!

This is for the card readers who want to start their own business reading cards professionally! You'll get everything included with the Community level, plus extra business training and tools to help you succeed right away.

You will get....

  • 6 weeks of online trainings
  • Facebook community to connect and practice with other group members
  • Weekly live guided card reading practice
  • Intuitive Oracle Card Reader certification
  • Ongoing alumni practice sessions after you finish the course
  • One-on-one business coaching session
  • Live workshop - How to get your first paying clients
  • Online course - Facebook ads for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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Delight Voss’ Intuitive Oracle course is priceless. You will feel like you’re listening to an old friend as she guides you through understanding what oracle cards are and how to choose your very first deck, to increasing and trusting your own intuition.
— Rachel M.

If you are…

  • curious about oracle cards and how they can help you.
  • hoping for something that will make your complicated life easier and simpler
  • desiring a connection with a power greater than yourself
  • exhausted by the pressure of trying to do everything on your own 
  • feeling stuck in your life

Then I've been where you are right now. 

Just a few years ago, I had done everything that I was “supposed” to do. I still felt completely drained and exhausted every day. Life just wasn't flowing. I felt depressed, despairing and hopeless. 

I thought, "There must be more to life. What am I missing?" 

As I was struggling with my own darkness and confusion, my very dear friend Christina was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and admitted into hospice care. I remember going to see her. We had been amazing friends all throughout college. We’d gone on a girls’ road trip right after graduation and experienced so much life and laughter. 

When I saw my friend, I the gravity of the situation truly hit me. She was only 31 years old. She had a 6 month old baby. She had a brand new husband and family who loved her dearly. And she was about to leave them all behind.

My heart ached for her, but as I sat with my own anxiety and depression and watched her going through this time of transition, I noticed that she was calm and centered. 

Most people would be so fearful in knowing that they were going to die soon. But my friend Christina had a strong faith that filled her with calm and peace. She told me, “There’s always hope. Even now, I have hope.”

I marveled at the strength that she and her family had to get through such a huge and trying struggle with such grace. I remember thinking that this is what I needed more of. I needed less fear and more hope.

I realized that I needed help. So, I set the intention to open up to my own spiritual path. And I discovered the healing power of Oracle cards.

Delight is a beautiful and bright soul. She helped me see more clearly what direction my life could go in. I felt safe and secure, known and understood. She is someone who is able to help you on your path. Thanks to Delight, I learned and relearned important aspects of myself.
— Anne F.

Since I started developing my intuition and working with Oracle cards I have…

  • stopped living in fear of what others think and started going for my dreams
  • been able to trust my gut and follow my intuition to make previously agonizing decisions in a split second.
  • transitioned from a career that was sucking the life out of me to an entrepreneurial life of freedom and creativity
  • felt surrounded by love and my spiritual team of Angels and guides, even when I'm alone

So, after hearing my story, I want to ask you…

Are you ready to connect with Spirit in a whole new way?
Are you ready to get SERIOUS clarity around every topic that is important to you?
Are you ready to get into the flow of your life and make decisions from a place of alignment with what you truly want and your unique life's purpose?

Intuitive Oracle Class Schedule

In order to read Oracle cards accurately, you'll need to be in touch with your intuition. And, most of us have some energetic baggage that's blocking us from fully accessing our intuition. 

  • Weeks 1-3: We'll heal your intuition by creating better energetic boundaries and clearing unwanted energy from your chakras and aura.
  • Weeks 4-6: We will access your squeaky clean intuition and use the information that you get to help yourself and others.

Each week includes:

  • Video lesson on Fridays
  • New card spread(s)
  • Angels that can support you
  • Spiritual toolbox - optional spiritual tools that support the week's theme


  • Computer/laptop/tablet
  • Zoom video app (link and instructions provided)
  • Oracle cards
  • Journal
  • Optional - spiritual toolbox items ie crystals and essential oils

Week 1 - Energetic Boundaries

  • How to do readings safely and accurately
  • Energizing your deck
  • Perfecting your invocation
  • Archangel Michael and Gabriel
  • Card spread: Daily Personal Guidance reading
  • Toolbox: candles, lamps, crystals, essential oils

Week 2 - Clear Your Aura

  • Use oracle cards to clear emotional, mental and spiritual blocks
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Card spread: Find Your Blocks reading
  • Toolbox: smudge, earthing, crystals, essential oils

Week 3 - Clear Your Chakras

  • Use oracle cards to clear and recharge your 7 major chakras
  • Archangel Metatron
  • Card spread: Chakra Check-Up reading
  • Toolbox: visualization, meditation, salt baths, crystals, essential oils

Week 4 - Intuition and Life Purpose

  • Now that your energy is cleared, you're ready to tap into your intuition in a whole new way!
  • Discover your intuitive gifts
  • Get clarity around your life purpose
  • Archangel Uriel and Haniel
  • Card spreads: Life Purpose reading and Decision Making reading
  • Toolbox: meditation, crystals, essential oils

Week 5 - Relationships

  • Learn to read all of your important relationships: friends, family, coworkers, romantic partners
  • Archangel Raguel, Gabriel and Chamuel
  • Card spread: Relationship reading + variations for different focuses and topics
  • Toolbox: Visualization, meditation, journaling, crystals, essential oils

Week 6 - Manifesting Abundance

  • Create the future you desire with the help of Oracle cards
  • Archangel Ariel
  • Card spread: Manifesting Abundance reading
  • Toolbox: Visualization, crystals, essential oils

And the most fun part of Intuitive Oracle is... weekly live card reading practice session!

All students in this round of IO will be able to participate in the live practice sessions. You'll get feedback from me and the other students in the class that will give you clarity and confidence about the unique way that YOU read the cards.

You'll have the chance to both give and receive readings during the 6 practice sessions. That means you'll be able to get massive clarity about things that are important to you and sharpen your own intuitive skills in a supportive, safe environment.

The practice sessions will take place on the Zoom free video app. They will take place on Tuesdays, and the time will be decided by what works best for all of the students in Intuitive Oracle. All sessions are recorded for future reference.

Past students have LOVED this part of Intuitive Oracle. Not only did their confidence in their card reading abilities increase, but they also made new friends!

At the Pro level, you'll get business training...

  • One-on-one business coaching session
  • Live group business workshop
  • BONUS Course - Facebook ads for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
“The program was even more than I thought it would be. I loved learning all the different spreads every week. I have a lot more confidence now.”
— Helen F.


When does the course start and finish?

Intuitive Oracle starts on October 7 and finishes on November 15.

How long do I have access to Intuitive Oracle?

Lifetime access. I will post each week's lesson on Friday and you'll be able to come back anytime to review the information. Each week's live practice session will be recorded and downloadable so you can look back on your reading practice to see how far you've come!

What if I can't attend the live practice readings? Will I still benefit from the course?

Yes, you can still get a lot out of the course even if you aren't able to attend the Wednesday practice sessions live. 

You will be able to practice reading for yourself and others inside the private Facebook group. I will give you feedback and answer your questions there too.

When you join Intuitive Oracle, you will start to get amazing clarity from learning to work with Oracle cards. Your life will start to make sense and you will feel a sense of confidence and peace about the decisions that you make. And you will join a community of like-minded spiritual seekers through the Facebook group. Life becomes truly magical when you use Oracle cards to connect with Spirit every day. 

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