Meet Delight

Intuitive Empath. Spiritual Medium.

Heya Star Stuff! I'm Delight. Yes, that's my real name. I didn't decide to get all woo woo and then change my name to Delight. My mom picked it out for me. And then I decided to get all woo woo. Life really comes full circle sometimes, doesn't it?

I'm an empath. Which means that I'm really sensitive to other people's emotions. And, it turns out, I'm an intuitive empath, which means that I'm also sensitive to the spiritual realm, especially Angels!

I used to get super overwhelmed with all of the emotions and sensations that were constantly bombarding me. But I've learned how to turn all of that sensitivity into a super power!

Anywho, you can read my business story here.

And if you have questions for me or would like to connect, you can email me here.

Take a look around, check out my blog, free meditations and online community. I hope you find something you like!

Peace and Angel Blessings,


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