Calm Confident empaths 101


Confident Empaths 101

Are you overwhelmed by everyone else's emotions, not to mention your own?

As an empath, it's really easy to get overwhelmed.

We feel our own emotions, and then we feel the emotions of others. And maybe we even feel animals, or the Earth or physical sensations of other people. We don't know what's ours and what's not. So, there's confusion on top of all those feelings.

So, we have way more feelings than most people. 

Plus, we experience all those feelings so much more deeply and strongly than most people!

Yikes! No wonder most of us are overwhelmed.

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

Just because you're an empath doesn't mean that you're doomed to a life of endless overwhelm, anxiety, stress and confusion.

You can be confident, clear, capable and in control. Without totally shutting down and blocking out your empathic gifts.

But how do you get there if you're currently feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed?

It's time to calm the fuck down.

I could tell you all kinds of high level meditations, affirmations and practices that can help you as an empath. But, the truth is, you're not going to remember to use any of them in the moment if you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

So, the first step in becoming a confident empath is to chill out and calm down.

And I want to share the practices that have really helped me to feel calmer.

Oh, by the way, my name is Delight if we haven't met! ;)

About 4 years ago, I was struggling through life as an overwhelmed, frazzled empath.

As I type this, I can totally feel what that was like and it was ICKY!

I had a job that sucked the life out of me. But I felt I needed to stay there because it made my friends and family proud of me. (So, add codependent to the list of my issues!)

I felt really stuck. My roommate kept telling me that I was depressed and maybe I should see a doctor but I just felt so disempowered that I did nothing.

Then Christina, one of my best college friends, went into hospice care for terminal brain cancer. I flew out to see her and say goodbye and she changed me life. She was so calm in the face of imminent death. Way more calm than me! WTF?

I wondered how this could be. And I realized that she felt so calm because she had a strong spiritual practice and connection to a higher power.

After saying a tearful goodbye to Christina, I decided that I needed more of what she had.

More calm. More faith. Less stressing. Less striving.

So, I decided to open up to experience my own version of spirituality and see what worked for me.

And here's where it got really fun. I got to dabble and explore yoga, meditation, connecting with angels, Tarot cards, crystals, oils, breathing exercises, tapping, dream journaling, Reiki, voice dialogue, and more!

As I look back on how I was feeling 4 years ago, I am noticeably calmer and feeling less overwhelmed. I feel more capable and in control of my life.

And I'm not working that job that made me miserable. I'm following my dream and creating courses like this!

Ok, so what is this Calm course?

This course is really simple. I don't want to add to your overwhelm by giving you a looooong list of exercises, prayers, meditations and practices that you need to do every day.

Instead, I'm going to teach you 4 of my favorite calming pracitces that I discovered along my spiritual path.

Each week you'll receive a 15-ish minute video that will teach you a quick, easy practice that you can use throughout your week to calm down when you start getting overwhelmed.

You'll have just one practice each week. Only one thing that you have to do. And it'll be something that you want to do because it will make you feel SO much better!

Here's the schedule of weekly practices...

  • Week 1: Work with Archangel Michael
  • Week 2: Breathing meditations 
  • Week 3: Crystals and essential oils 
  • Week 4: EFT Tapping 

All of these practices are designed to help you feel centered, connect to your body, let go of worry, and keep your mind from spinning out of control. And, of course, to feel CALM.

And if you have never heard of some of these practices, then that's great! There's a bunch of science to show that curiosity is a great antidote to anxiety. So, just being curious about what you'll learn in this course and how it will change your life is a great start already!

After you finish Calm, you'll have 4 tools that you can use to get off the overwhelm train and come back to your calm center.

So, if you're ready to begin the journey from being a frazzled, overwhelmed empath to becoming a confident, connected empath, then let's get started!

Beta testers who join before April 28 will pay just $18 for Calm!