5 reasons why yoga is great for empaths

I attended my first yoga class in 2004. I was a little nervous to get started because my Christian upbringing told me that yoga was evil. But I had just graduated from college and my mind was a little more open, so I decided to try it anyway.

After my first class, I had this incredible rush. My body felt so alive and I felt plugged in to something that I had been missing. I remember my friends teasing me and asking what had gotten into me. I called it the yoga buzz.

Now that I know I'm an empath, the yoga buzz makes so much sense. Yoga practice supports empaths on so many levels, whether we're consciously aware of them or not.

Here are 5 ways that yoga can support your sensitive empath energy system...

1. Breathing is calming and clears out energy. Most yoga practices include a conscious breathing practice along with stretching and movement. When you breathe, you're grounding your energy and bringing yourself into the present moment. And deep, mindful breathing also helps you to release any energy that you isn't yours or that no longer serves you. 

2. Stretching out your body releases stuck energies and emotions. I believe part of the reason that I got the yoga buzz when I first started was that I was moving my energy around in a new way. Doing the stretching and breathing helped me to release some energy and emotions that were heavy and negative. So when I was done with my yoga session, I felt lighter, freer and more energized because I had let go of energetic baggage that was weighing me down.

3. Strengthening your physical body strengthens your energy system. As you get physically stronger through yoga practice, this supports your energetic boundaries too. Empaths constantly complain about picking up yucky, negative energy from other people. But when you're physically stronger, your confidence increases and so do your energetic boundaries. Yoga and other strength-building exercise can really help the negative energy of others to start rolling off of you instead of sticking to you.

4. Yoga calms anxiety and rumination. Overthinking and obsessing about money or your relationship or a fight that you had with a coworker is incredibly difficult when you're trying to stand on one leg and grab your other foot at the same time. As a recovering over-thinker, I've always loved yoga to help me clear my mind, come back to the present moment and get in touch with reality instead of future tripping or regretting something that I can't change about the past.

5. Doing yoga helps get all the energetic blocks out of your system. Empaths hold onto emotions and stress in different areas of our bodies including our internal organs. Yoga is a way to give some love to those areas and help them heal. I carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders and yoga always helps me feel more relaxed. For me, another stress-related symptom is tummy troubles. But on days when I do yoga, I can tell that I'm digesting food better and my whole system is flowing well.

Have I convinced you to give yoga a try? Or to get back on your mat if you haven't done yoga in awhile? Let me know about your experiences with yoga in the comments below!

Plus, I've always found that yoga and meditation are a fantastic combination for calming my nerves and clearing my mind. Doing a meditation session right after a yoga class is very powerful because your mind is more open to relax and receive good vibes. Try my free Detach from Negative Energy meditation after your next yoga class! 


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