Prize for Angel Habit Challenge Finishers

Hooray! You completed the Angel Habit challenge by posting an Angel card in the Empath's Oasis Facebook group every day!

I loved seeing your cards and hearing about your angel experiences.

Your prize is my Archangel Guide! 

In this free guide, you will discover

  • Who are the Archangels
  • How the Archangels can help you
  • How to call on the Archangels for help
  • Which Archangel to call on for any troubling situation
  • How to interpret your dreams, decipher messages from Spirit, feel more protected and peaceful and much more!

Download the guide now

I also want to invite you to continue this journey with me and get to know even more about the 15 most famous Archangels inside of the Daily Angel Habit course.

The course starts on May 2 and runs for 44 days. Each day includes a short video lesson, an angel meditation and reflection questions to make personal connections. Plus there's a private Facebook group to get to know each other and grow the community of Angel lovers. :)