Wild Beauty and Unicorns - Hump Day Card - March 2, 2016

Happy Hump Day!

Feeling a little off this week? You're not alone! I've been hearing comments like this from lots of sensitive people lately. There is a lot of energy shifting and doing crazy things right now. We're about to have an eclipse, spring equinox, the moon is waning... I don't even understand what's going on completely, but I know it feels like craziness!

A lot of us have had trouble sleeping and feelings of anxiety, but also feelings of inspiration and so much information coming through from the spiritual world that it's overwhelming. So, I want to encourage you to breathe through this wild week and focus on the beauty.

Here's a little inspiration from this week's card. This card was stuck in the bottom of the box when I went to take the deck out. I had to get a knife and pry it out! 

And, just like everything else going on this week, I'm getting all kinds of information, downloads and vibrations from the card, my crystals and even my tea! So, I'm just going to list out some messages here for you, and you can take the  ones that feel good to you.

Nine of Ariel - "Your dreams are fulfilled! Hard work leads to great success. A love for the beautiful things in life."

And, the tag from my tea this morning:

"You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you." - Isadora Duncan

I laughed when I saw this card because it is the second Unicorn and rainbow image that I have seen today! 

Some meanings of the Unicorn power animal from Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer:

"Let go of your worries and responsibilities for awhie and just play and have fun."
 "Suspend your disbelief and open yourself to perceiving any and all helping spirits from the nonvisible world."
"It's vital that you pursue any creative or artistic interests that you've suppressed until now."

So, my friend, I believe the overall message here is...lighten up. Everything will be ok, even if it feels off, weird, blocked or wild today. Have some fun and find something beautiful to admire today.