Hump Day Card Game - Wednesday, June 24

Today’s Hump Day inspiration comes from my Voyager Tarot Card Deck. Fun fact: The image on the back of the card is actually human DNA. Beautiful, right?

Here’s How to Play the Hump Day Card Game

1. Take a deep breath and relax.

2. Take a look at the picture of the three cards.

3. Ask your angels and guides for an inspirational message.

4. Choose the number of the card that appeals to you the most.

5. Read the description of your card.

6. Comment at the end of the post and let me know your thoughts on the reading.

Don't scroll down until you choose your card!

Card 1: VIII - Balance
Stone: Malachite

Balance is very important to you today. Since it’s Wednesday, it’s likely that you’re feeling pressure from work, home, and other obligations. The middle of the week can feel so hectic and so far from restful.

Today, make sure that you are balancing out the craziness and demands from other people with time for yourself. It’s ok to put aside the endless to-do lists and take a nap or read a book if you have a spare moment.

And if you can’t find any time at all to do something nice for yourself, then look hard at your calendar and see if you can schedule some. Balance is really important for you right now and if you keep going full speed you will become increasingly unhappy and possibly ill.

The stone that goes with this card is malachite, which holds the energy of transformation and new growth. Look to transform your life in the area of balancing time for you and time with others. Times of productivity with times of rest. Times of rushing around with times of relaxation. Intentionally work toward balancing.

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Card 2: Seven of Crystals - Dullness
Stone: Sunstone

Crystals is the suit of this deck that stands for your state of mind. Seven of crystals refers to a feeling of dullness in your mind. Maybe you’re not feeling sharp or focused today. Maybe you have worries that are keeping you down and distracting you.

Sunstone is great for clearing away negative energies and feelings of depression, so if you happen to have a sunstone, find it and hold it in your hands to let the good vibes sink in.

If you are feeling less than your best in the area of mental focus today and you don’t have any sunstones to help, then you can also go outside and take a walk in the sun. Take a mental break from trying to work productively and just allow yourself to feel the sun on your face and allow the physical movement of walking to clear your head.

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Card 3: Four of Wands - Aspiration

Wands is the suit of spiritual matters in this deck, so it feels like you are reaching for some a spiritual goal. You may want to shift or change some areas of your life, start meditating regularly or join a spiritual group of like-minded people.

The angels want to remind you that you don’t need to try too hard to achieve spiritual growth. Even though it feels counter-intuitive, you can really grow spiritually by spending quite time in meditation, journaling or visualization.

They see a lot of people who treat spiritual growth and transformation like it’s a checklist. Step 1, step 2, step 3, etc. This is a great way of accomplishing things in the physical world but it’s not necessary or effective for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is often messy and definitely does not happen in an orderly, linear fashion.

Beryl is a great stone for increasing creativity and letting go of tiredness. So, if you feel spiritually tired from reaching too hard or not making progress as fast as you would like, beryl shows with this card to let you know that it’s ok. Let go of the expectation that everything needs to be logical or make sense right away. Just check in with your guides and intuition and trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

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