Hump Day Card Game - Wednesday, June 17

Happy Hump Day! It’s time for a little inspiration from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. Let’s get you feeling good and over that hump.

Here’s How to Play the Hump Day Card Game

1. Take a deep breath and relax.

2. Take a look at the picture of the three cards.

3. Ask the angels for an inspirational message.

4. Choose the number of the card that appeals to you the most.

5. Read the description of your card.

6. Comment at the end of the post and let me know your thoughts on the reading.

Don't scroll down until you choose your card!

Card 1: Crown Chakra
Stone 1: Citrine

“Pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of the true Divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers.”

Citrine is also known as the Success Stone, so the combination of the card and the stone mean that your ideas will bring your success. The message I hear emphasized here is YOUR ideas. That means you’re not listening to what everyone else thinks or taking a poll of your friends and family. You are listening to yourself, to your own inner voice and thoughts. Pursuing an idea that feels good to you is what is going to bring you success in your endeavors today. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say about it, because you can trust yourself.

If you’re not feeling confident in trusting in an idea, then ask Archangels Michael and Raphael for protection and clearing as you imagine opening up your crown chakra (in the top of your head) to receive clear information from Spirit about your situation. When you’ve asked for blessing and protection from the angels, you know that it’s safe to believe and listen to your own thoughts and ideas.

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Card 2: Clear Yourself 
Stone 2: Aventurine

“Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed.”

Aventurine is a stone that’s associated with friendship and prosperity, but most importantly for today, mental clarity. If you’re feeling confused or indecisive today, then the angels are encouraging you to clear your body and mind in order to gain insight and lighten any confusion you may be feeling.

As the card says, you can simply ask the angels to clear away any toxic energies that don’t belong to you. Take a few moments to take some deep breaths and relax while you visualize all negative energies melting away from in and around your body.

If you feel like you’re not quite clear yet, another visualization that I like to use is picturing all the negative energy inside of you blowing up and out of your head like a whale spout. Before I do this I ask the angels to clear away the dark energies and anything that isn’t mine. Then I picture everything I don’t need spraying up into the air and the angels clearing it all away. 

After doing either of these visualizations, it’s a good idea to ask the angels to surround you with protection and fill you and your aura up with light so that you don’t immediately take on new dark energies that come in to replace the old. 

Archangel Michael is great to ask for protection and Archangel Raphael can help to heal any places where your energy has been harmed by anything dark. Archangel Jophiel can help to beautify your body and your energy field to keep a high vibration so that you don’t take on more unwanted energy.

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Card 3: Twin Flame
Stone 3: Red Jasper

“The answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship.”

Jasper is a stone that brings balance, especially yin and yang energy. A Twin Flame is a person who is like a soul mate, but you are actually two different parts of the same soul, kind of like how one cell splits into two during cell reproduction.

Your twin flame is someone who will balance with your energy. Like yin and yang, you will bring each other to equilibrium because two is better than one, when you are with this special person.

A lot of us are looking for our twin flames (me included) and the angels want to remind us not to settle. When you meet your twin flame, the person you’re so connected to on a soul level, then you will know. You won’t have to wonder if it’s a good match or if you should pursue a relationship with this person. You will feel it on a deep soul level. 

However, if you aren’t ready for this, it can freak you out a little bit because the connection will feel so strong! So, if you haven’t found your twin flame yet, just have patience and trust that it will happen when you are emotionally and spiritually prepared for such an intense experience.

And, a note to people who may already be in a romantic relationship but don’t feel this person is their twin flame. Twin flames don’t necessarily have to be a person who you fall in love with and marry. A twin flame could also be a great, friend who understands and supports you on a very deep level.

Today the angels want to encourage you to stay patient and don’t settle in love or friendships. Work on strengthening your connection with spirit, and you will naturally be drawn to your twin flame.

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