Hump Day Card Game - Wednesday, July 8

Happy Hump Day! Wednesdays can be so...blah. So, let's lighten the mood and play a little card game! Today I drew cards from the Goddess Oracle Card Deck to deliver messages for you from the goddesses.

Here's how to play the Hump Day Card Game

1. Take a deep breath and relax.
. Take a look at the picture of the three cards.
3. Ask your angels and guides for an inspirational message.
4. Choose the number of the card that appeals to you the most.
5. Scroll down and read the description of your card.

Don't scroll down until you choose your card!

Card 1: Sige - Quiet Time
Stone: Jasper

“Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate, and contemplate."

Sige (pronounced Sig) is a Gnostic goddess and she’s considered to be the great silence from which all life began at creation of the world. Sige is here today to remind you of the value of silence.

Sige has been showing up a lot in my Goddess card readings because most of my clients live in the northern hemisphere where it’s summer. Summer is a very active time of year where people want to get out and enjoy music festivals, barbeques, pool parties, etc.

If you’re being a social butterfly this summer, that’s great. Just don’t forget to balance your energy with some silent times at home too. Everyone except the most extreme extroverts need a little bit of down time at home. Your soul can really benefit from quietly reading a book or even meditating and just listening to the sounds of the world around you.

Take a break from your TV, phone, computer and busy social schedule to notice the stillness around you. 

Thoughts on your reading? Let me know in the comments below.

Card 2: Artemis - Guardian
Stone: Malachite

“You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected."


Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. Today she is here to reassure you. You have been worrying a lot lately about the safety of important people in your life. Artemis wants you to know that she is watching over them and so is Archangel Michael. She reminds you that worry does not help anything, rather, it actually hurts you, the one doing the worrying.

When you start to worry about your loved ones, you can call on Artemis and Archangel Michael to protect them and also to help you let go of your worries and fears. Remind yourself, “Everything is working out as it should." 

What did you think about your reading? Leave me a comment!

Card 3: Pele - Divine Passion
Stone: Aventurine

“Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?"

What is your passion? Are you fulfilling it and/or pursuing it? Do you feel truly alive or are you just existing every day? Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, can help you find and pursue your passion.

To some, Pele appears violent because of the explosive nature of her energy. But she wants to let you know that she is not harmful, she is helpful. Her fire burns away the things that are no longer serving you and the thoughts that distract you from what you truly want. She clears away the riff raff and helps you to see clearly so that you know the next step to take to fulfill your soul’s mission and purpose.

Pele also wants you to know that you feel passion for a reason. If you want to help animals or the environment or dance or do crafts, all of those passions were placed into your soul in order to help you and the world around you. Don’t be afraid to go after what really inspires you because you will be fulfilling your highest mission while you are on earth.

If you are feeling less than inspired today, call on Pele to help you let go of distractions and focus on pursuing your passions. 

Did this reading resonate for you? Tell me about it in the comments.

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