The easiest way to find your next favorite deck of Oracle cards

Intuitive Oracle is open for enrollment and I have Oracle cards on the brain!

So, I wanted to share with you my favorite way to find awesome Oracle card decks.

People ask me all the time where they can buy Oracle cards. They act like it's a big secret. But the truth is that it's no has TONS of options! Lol.

But how do you know which cards to buy? Now that you know where you can buy them, how to choose?

Here's a little tip. Check out Instagram. Spend a little time today browsing Insta and seeing which deck calls to you. Here's how:

  1. Go to my Instagram profile (and follow me if you haven't already;)
  2. Tap on the picture of my #oracleyourselfie card of the day
  3. Check out the hashtags at the bottom of my post and click on any of them. I included tags on today's post that will take you into a world of Oracle cards that you never knew existed! 
  4. Ask your Angels to point you toward the deck that's going to be the best match for you right now.
  5. And then have fun! Browse and just look at all the different cards that people are posting. Follow the accounts that resonate with you. Make new friends!

Also, if you see a card deck that you really like but the post doesn't tell you the name of the deck, don't be afraid comment and ask! Make a connection with a fellow Oracle card reader. :)

I'm about to order several decks that I discovered on Instagram that are by smaller, lesser-known artists, and I'm excited to support these talented intuitives!

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  • life purpose readings
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