My top 5 tools for personal energy clearing

It's spring time! And the universal energy is very supportive for clearing your personal energy! 

In this 5 video series, you will discover 5 of my favorite tools to quickly and easily clear your energy. After using these tools, you'll feel refreshed, recharged and more clear about the next best step.

And I'll warn you...shit gets real! This had a profound effect on me. You'll see in Day 4. :)

I hope you enjoy these tools! They're great to use when your energy needs a quick tune-up. But when you feel like you're really going through a lot and you need a deeper energy clearing, I suggest booking a remote reiki session with me.

Reiki sessions are a new offering for me, so right now, I'm doing a Pay What You Will offer for energy clearing Reiki. Learn more and book your refreshing energy clearing session here

Angels to call on for energy clearing

Connect with your inner whale

The best crystal to use for energy clearing

What to do when you're overwhelmed

Moon and planet awareness

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If you'd like a deep energy clearing to get your spring started right, book a reiki session with me.