Hump Day Card Game - Goddess Guidance

Happy Hump Day and (belated) New Moon! This week is all about the goddesses. I’m offering a new reading from in my Etsy shop called, “Which goddess is with me?” You can find out which goddess is with you and wanting to help you! Plus, you'll get a personal message from her channeled through me! 

But for now, let’s get to the Hump Day Card Game! Three goddesses have come through this week with readings for you related to home, forgiveness and reaching your goals.


Here’s how to play the Hump Day Card Game:

1. Take a deep breath and relax.

2. Take a look at the picture of the three cards.

3. Ask the goddesses for a message that will help you today.

4. Choose the number of the card that appeals to you the most.

5. Scroll down to see your card and reading.

6. Comment at the end of the post and tell me what you think!

Card 1: Sige - Quiet Time
Stone: Carnelian

“Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate, and contemplate."

Sige Goddess

Carnelian is a stone of strength, and Sige (pronounced Sig) wants you to know that your strength will come from spending some time alone. This time of year can get pretty crazy with last-minute summer vacations, back to school for families, and the weather is sooooo hot! (At least here in Colorado :) 

So, Sige is telling you to rest and relax. Really consider what is restful to you. Most of us crash out in front of the TV and play with our phones, but is that actually what rejuvenates you? Maybe you’d rather take a bath, read a good book, journal, listen to a guided meditation or do some yoga. Think about what actually makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated and do it this week!

Finally, Sige wants me to mention the word “contemplate.” This does not mean that you’ll sit by yourself and cry over all of the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Contemplate does not mean stewing over frustrations and worrying about the future. Contemplating is looking back with a purpose and looking forward with anticipation. Sige is coming through right now to tell me and you that the most beneficial type of contemplation is to look back over the happy times, let go of the negative emotions and look forward to more good times in the future.

Specifically, Sige suggests trying Ho'oponopono forgiveness. It’s a very simple practice, but extremely powerful and freeing. She says to pick an area of your life where you’re feeling blocked or challenged ie career, money, work, friendships, etc. Write down 10-20 memories that you still hold onto about this area of your life. Then go through each one, feel all the feelings that are leftover and still clinging to you. And then say, “I forgive you, I’m sorry, I love you.” This will help to finally clear away residues of emotions that you no longer need that are keeping you stuck. Do this every day until things start to change. I know I’m going to be doing a lot of this work myself!

Card 2: Diana - Focused Intention
Stone: Sodalite

“Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions focused on your target, and you will make your mark."


Diana is also bringing up the Ho'oponopono forgiveness practice! (See above) She is encouraging you to let go of doubts, worries or past experiences that are distracting you from your current goals. She says that it’s impossible to completely focus your attention on what you want when you’re holding onto old emotions, fears and limiting beliefs. Diana and Sige both encourage you to give the Ho'oponopono forgiveness practice a try!

In addition to letting go of the old energies that stand in your way, Diana wants to remind you to focus on what you want. And the first part of the process is to decide what you want. This is the part that can be tricky. How do you know what you want? By experiencing things that you don’t want. So, when something that feels bad happens, it’s very helpful to reframe the situation and think to yourself, “Ok, I’m feeling bad about what just happened. What do I want to happen instead?” And when you consciously and consistently turn your mind to what you want instead of stewing over what you don’t want, you will start to move in that direction and experiencing more and more pleasant, wonderful things in your life.

Finally, Diana wants to remind you to be grateful for what you have right now, today. She sees a lot of people who are striving for some big goal, and they are miserably pushing for it until the moment that they achieve it. Then, they celebrate for about 30 seconds before they move on to conquer the next goal. Diana wants to encourage you to celebrate the small victories along the way and be grateful for every positive thing that comes to you along your path. That way, both the journey and destination will be more enjoyable and freeing experiences.

Card 3: Vesta - Home
Stone: Citrine

“Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants."

Vesta Roman Goddess

Vesta is a Roman fire goddess who brings warmth to homes. For you, her card may be very literal. You will soon move, or someone living with you will move out. If you’re currently looking for a place to live, ask Vesta to help you. Tell her in detail about the kind of home that you would like to move to and ask her to assist you in finding it and making it a reality. If you have family or roommates moving in and out of your home, ask Vesta for a smooth transition as you adjust to your new living situation.

If you are not moving or changing occupants in your home right now, then Vesta wants to encourage you to look around the house and see what you can do to make it feel more warm and inviting. She is the goddess of fire, so she loves candles and fires in fire places. She also suggest fresh flowers, warm blankets, beautiful music and any other things that you like that make you feel warm and comforted in your house.

And Vesta wants to remind you to clean up! Throw out or donate things that you don’t need. Go through the mail instead of leaving it on the kitchen counter. Organize your closet. If de-cluttering and organizing seem like overwhelming tasks for you, then ask Vesta to assist you with cleaning and clearing your home, and she will!

What did you think about your Goddess guidance reading today?

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