Ask Delight - 4 Signs That You Might Be Psychic

Ask Delight

Welcome to the first edition of Ask Delight! Every Friday I plan to choose a question from one of my followers, ask the Angels for guidance and insight, and then write a blog to answer the question!

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Today’s question comes from Amanda Mcardle (@amanda_mcardle on Periscope). She writes: 

What are some typical signs that you’re more in tune with your abilities since you say everyone is a little bit psychic?

Ok, so I think what you’re asking is how to know if you are psychic or not, or how to know if you have a special gift. 

Yes, I believe that everyone has access to psychic abilities. But most people don’t pay attention! And some have stronger gifts and others.

I compare this to playing sports. Some people are naturally good at playing basketball, like my brothers who are 6’6", 6’8” and 6’1”! I am not so good at basketball. I’m only 5’7” and I’m just not that competitive.

Anyway, I personally don’t have a natural talent for basketball, but I do have a gift for tuning into my psychic abilities!

Here are 4 signs that you might have a talent for receiving and deciphering psychic information:

1. You’re an empath. An empath is a sensitive person who often feels other people’s emotions as their own. And empaths feel very strongly in general. Empaths can often harness this ability into doing psychic readings when they have the training.

2. You had some strange experiences as a kid. If you could see ghosts, had an invisible friend or had a wild imagination when you were young, you were probably receiving psychic information. Most of us shut that down as we grow older because we don’t get positive feedback from the adults around us. But don’t worry! If you want to, you can learn how to tap into it again.

3. You experience premonitions. Premonitions happen when you know that something is going to happen before it actually happens. This is also called precognition. I had a client who got a premonition about the Aurora theater shooting. She lived on the East coast and did not know anything about Aurora, Colorado, but the day before the shooting she kept hearing the word “Aurora” over and over again in her thoughts. Then, the next day she heard about the shooting in the theater which was located in Aurora, Colorado. 

This is an extreme and dramatic example of precognition. If you have this gift, you probably experience it every day, but it’s so small that you don’t really notice. And then something big, dramatic or tragic happens and that’s when you notice it. Check out this book: Premonitions in Daily Life.

4. In my experience, wondering whether or not you’re psychic is a dead giveaway that you are psychic! If you’re interested in this realm and you wonder if you have a gift, then you probably do! Read some books, take a course, talk to me or other professional psychics and find out what your gifts are! 

So, do you think you're psychic? Have you ever had a premonition or other psychic experiences? Tell me about it in the comments!