4 Amazing Powers of Archangel Michael

“You’re working very closely with this powerful archangel, who’s protecting you and guiding you through this situation.”
 From Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Oracle Cards deck

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Oracle Cards deck

Archangel Michael’s name means “he who is like God.” He is part of the Judeo-Christian tradition as well as Islamic. But no matter what your religious affiliation, you can work with Archangel Michael for protection, guidance and releasing fear.

Archangel Michael is usually pictured as a strong warrior. He carries a sword which he uses to cut away fear and dark energy. Many people see royal purple light when they invoke Archangel Michael, so you will usually see images of him wearing purple clothes. He is so powerful and fierce that many sensitive people can actually feel a warm energy in the room when they call on him to come and help them.

Ask Archangel Michael for help with:

  1. Guidance for your life purpose
  2. Physical and spiritual protection
  3. Fixing electronics and mechanical devices
  4. Letting go of fear and moving forward

Calling on Archangel Michael

You don’t have to say or do anything fancy to invoke the awe-inspiring power of Archangel Michael. Just ask him to come to you to help and he will. You can say it out loud, but thinking this in your mind is just as effective. Think something like: 

Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I need your help with...

And then tell him what's going on and how he can help you. Don’t worry about saying everything perfectly. Archangel Micahel won’t judge you! Just call in him when you’re in need and he’ll be there.

My favorite times to call on Archangel Michael

I can be an anxious driver. I got into a car accident on an icy Colorado interstate about 3 years ago and lost some of my driving confidence. Even though I now have a better, all wheel drive vehicle, I still get really scared sometimes when I’m driving.

Now, as soon as I start to feel that anxiety creep in, I think to myself, “Archangel Michael, please protect me while I’m driving today.” I envision my car surrounded by a bubble of Michael's royal purple light and I immediately feel safer and more peaceful. 

I have also been afraid of the dark ever since I was a little kid. I’m not really sure why, but I think it has something to do with a past life issues and an overactive imagination, as well as my psychic abilities to see dark energies. So, I call on Archangel Michael almost every night when I’m going to sleep, especially if I am home alone. I ask Archangel Michael to protect me as I sleep and to keep watch all around my room, including above and below me. Then I picture my whole room filled with white light so bright that nothing dark or low energy can be near me.

Have you ever called on Archangel Michael to help you?
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