3 Intuitive Tips to Pick the Perfect Deck of Oracle Cards for You + How to Energize Them

I've been talking about Oracle cards a lot lately as I prepare for my online workshop tonight, How to Read Oracle Cards Intuitively.

And I've been getting this question a lot: "How do I choose the right deck of cards?"

So, in today's Blab video, I give you 3 intuitive tips that you can use to choose the perfect deck of Oracle cards. You can also use these tips to choose crystals, essential oils or any other items for your spiritual tool box.

And...you can't do this wrong! You can't choose the wrong deck of cards! Especially if you check in with yourself and ask your Angels for guidance. Don't put pressure on yourself to choose the "right" deck. Because, let's be honest, once you buy one deck, you're going to want to buy another!

Watch the video to check out my new deck of Past Life Oracle cards and see how I clear away the energetic dust and set them up for awesome, accurate readings for myself and clients.

I'd love to see you live on Blab! Join me every Wednesday at 12:30 pm EST/ 9:30 am PST for spiritual insights and the card of the week.

Past Life Oracle Cards

Trust and Faith

You've been a part of some religions or spiritual practices in your past lives. So, if you feel drawn to a certain belief system, but feel that it doesn't quite fit you completely, this is why.

Perhaps you've been Christian, Jewish or Buddhist in a past life. And now you find yourself interested in that religion, but it just doesn't quite click for you now.

This is because your soul is ready for something new. It's ready to integrate your past faith and now move on to a new, expanded version of it in this lifetime. So, don't beat yourself up if you don't fit in with a particular religious group. You're probably not meant to. Find the path to Spirit that works for you.