How to Manifest Money with Archangel Ariel - Angel Reading for September 19, 2016

Having trouble with money?

You're not the only one!

Archangel Ariel came through loud and clear today with messages and suggestions about how you can manifest the money that you want and need.

In this video you'll learn about Archangel Ariel, her crystal and color, and how to call on her specifically for assistance with creating more money and ease in your life.

Ace of Ariel

"It's your lucky day! New resources of money, time or support. A change in job or a promotion."

Struggling with feeling too sensitive, anxious and overwhelmed with all of the crazy energies around you?

I'm not surprised! This month there has had a full moon and 2 eclipses. We're still in Mercury retrograde and fall equinox is happening on Thursday!

If you're an empath, all of this energy is affecting you and the people around you, which affects you too!

Good news. You don't have to be constantly overwhelmed and bombarded with energy that's not yours.

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