Happy Angel Day! Plus, I changed my name!

It's April 4! 4/4 = Angel day! Is anyone else noticing this and/or calling it Angel day? Well, I'm going to start it ;)

To celebrate Angel day, I'm drawing a special Angel card for you...and changing the name of my business (more on that later).

This card is Ace of Gabriel. It says, "A gift of passion, opportunity, and inspiration! The chance to do something amazing! A sense of wonder."

The card is from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue. I was about to pull a card from a different Angel deck, but I got a strong nudge to pull from this one. When I opened the box and pulled out the cards, one stuck to the bottom of the box. It was this Ace of Gabriel and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Archangel Gabriel is the patron Angel of my business. She helps me every day and she's helping me to write this right now! The Ace card is the first card in the suit of Gabriel in this deck, so it's reaffirming my new beginning with my new name. And the message on the card..."a chance to do something amazing!" Oh yes! This feels good.

So, why did I decide to change the name of my business? It used to be Psychic Delight, but now it will be called Delight Voss. 

I never really liked the name "Psychic Delight" for my biz. It was suggested to me by a mentor and I couldn't think of anything better so I went with it. But I always felt a teensy bit embarrassed by it...like it didn't fit me somehow and wasn't advertising what I actually do.

I also realized that I don't resonate with the term "psychic" to describe myself. I might be a knower, seer or a medium, but psychic doesn't feel right. It gives people the impression that I know the future, and my readings rarely give specifics about the future. It's all about the present and what you can do today to connect with the Universe.

Anyway, so I wondered what to change my name to. I thought and thought. I wanted to change it to just be my given name, Delight Iverson. But then I realized that will also cause a problem because the Iverson family does not support what I do. If I use their name as my biz name, then I'll also have this block about not wanting to grow to big and embarrass/worry them even more about what I'm doing with my life. I want to write a book this year and have my name on it and not worry about how that will make my mom feel.

So, the solution was the change my last name. I considered changing my first name too. Delight as a first name has always been embarrassing to me too! Lol. When I was a kid, I wanted a normal name and I was mortified every time I had to meet someone new. Now, I like the name Delight...most of the time. The most annoying part is that I have to repeat myself when I introduce myself to someone new, because they misunderstand or get confused.

But, Delight is a part of me and it helps me stand out and I would miss it if I got rid of it. So, I'm keeping it.

I brainstormed what to use for my last name. I had lists of ideas. I wanted something with a grounded energy because I want to be more grounded in my business. I was driving through the mountains with my roommate and she asked if there was a special place that I could connect my name with.

That's when I thought of it. Voss, Norway. That's where my great great grandparents on my dad's side were from, before they moved to America. I've been there and met the people who live on their farm now. I would love to go back.

Also, in Voss, there is this amazing round hill that looks like a nose! Lol. It's called Naasen "the nose". (The rounded hill in this pic.) So, when I think of Voss, I think of being grounded like that big, rocky mountain.

Voss also rhymes with my mom's maiden name. So I'm giving my ancestors on her side a little shout out too.

Finally, Voss reminds me of "voice" and I really want to connect with my voice in my business, writing and marketing. (And Archangel Gabriel!)

I like how Voss still connects me to my roots and my extended family, but does not connect me directly to my immediate family. It keeps me grounded, and makes me feel accepted (another soul energy that I want to embody more fully.) Plus, it connects me even more to Archangel Gabriel.

So, you can now find me here at delightvoss.com, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the name Delight Voss. Periscope won't let me change the name yet, but they are promising to have that feature available soon! 

Angel Day feels like the perfect day to make this announcement. It feels good to be Delight Voss.