Free Angel Card Readings on Facebook Live!

Hi friends!

This week I tried out Facebook live and did some free mini Angel card readings for live viewers. It was so much fun! I'm going to be doing Wednesday live streams on Facebook live from now on. To join me live for Angel card readings and other spiritual fun...

  1. Go to
  2. Click the like button ;)
  3. Subscribe to my video feed (there's a subscribe button in the upper right hand corner of all live videos)
  4. You'll be notified any time that I'm live on Facebook and you can jump on to join the party!

Next week is the beginning of the Daily Angel Habit Challenge! Learn how to ask for and receive angelic guidance every day. Discover how to recognize the signs that your Angels are already sending you!

Each day of the challenge I'll be doing a live video lesson in my Facebook group. I'll be teaching...

Day 1. Angels and Angel cards

Day 2. How to call on your Angels

Day 3. Angel signs and synchronicity

Day 4. Angel numbers

Day 5. Meet your Guardian Angel

Your challenge is to watch the video lesson and pull an Angel card each day. If you complete the challenge, you win a prize! We start on April 18. Sign up with your email for all of the details!