Angel Number 10 + Angel Card Reading for 10/10

Today is 10/10! It's a fantastic day to do work, be inspired with exciting new ideas and move forward with confidence. Learn more about the meaning of Angel number 10 in today's vlog.

For today's reading, I used the Angel Answers deck by Doreen Virtue. This deck is designed to give you a really direct answer to a yes/no question.

So, take a breath to center and then think of a question for your angels. Ask something like...

Is it in my best interest to take this new job offer? Is moving to a new house the next best step for my family? Is my current partner the best match for me?


And then watch the video below to see your card and get your answer from the Angels!

Since 10/10 is a great day for confidence, it's a great day to learn more about the Confident Empath Community!

Confident Empath Community (CEC) is a place for sensitive people to come together and support each other. It's hard when you're feeling energetically overwhelmed and friends and family don't understand you. They say that you're "too sensitive" or you just need to "get over it" and "toughen up."

You will never hear that inside CEC! Members of CEC understand exactly what you're going through! We will never dismiss you, minimize your experience, call you crazy or the dreaded "too sensitive.

We all work together to support each other in improving our energy boundaries, learning to let go of overwhelm and developing the special gifts that come along with our sensitivities.

Learn more about Confident Empath Community