Hump Day Card Game - Fall Forecast

Happy first day of fall! So, what’s coming up for you this season? 

Today’s Hump Day Card Game will give you some insight into your fall of 2015. The spread looks a little different today because….well, it is! The card in the middle is the theme for the whole spread. Cards 1-4 stand for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual respectively. Choose the card the topic that seems most important to you today and going out into the fall season.

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Here’s how to play the card game...

1. Take a deep breath and relax.

2. Take a look at the picture of the three cards.

3. Ask your angels and guides: “What area of my life do I need to focus on this fall?"

4. Choose the number of the card that appeals to you the most.

5. Scroll down to read about your card and then leave me a comment to tell me your thoughts about your reading.

Theme card
ce of Wands - Illumination

The theme for this Fall Forecast reading is the Ace of Wands - Illumination. Wands is the suit that has to do with spirituality, so this season is going to be about learning and growing spiritually, as well as learning new things about yourself.

Illumination means that some things you were not aware of will be coming into the light. You may notice some thoughts, beliefs or behaviors are not serving you any longer and take steps to change. Or you may become aware of some suppressed emotions, like holding onto feelings for an ex. 

Another aspect of Illumination is that you really have the chance to gain clarity during this season. If you’ve been wondering what you really want out of life or what will make you the happiest long term, then this fall is the season to find out! Set the intention as fall begins and check in with yourself in December to see how much more clear and confident you feel about your direction and your life’s purpose. 

Card 1 - Mental
XV: Devil’s Play

Fun fun fun! Devil’s play is a great card to get for fall, because it means that you have permission to play and have fun!

Since it fell into the “mental” slot of the spread, give yourself permission to do things that are not mentally challenging, purposeful or productive but are just purely enjoyable. These can be things like getting a pedicure, reading a trashy romance novel, or going for a drive to see the fall leaves. Give your mind a break and play.

Conversely, you might also have a great time by doing something that is mentally challenging, but also fun and fulfilling. For example, building a model, cooking a new recipe, crossword puzzles, etc.

The most important part here is to enjoy your life this fall. Take a break from the to-do lists and do some things that are not technically productive. Just do these activities because they are fun and feel good. If you don’t make time for this, you’re going to get burned out and feel mentally exhausted. So be sure that you’re finding the time to take a break and play. 

Card 2 - Emotional
Three of Crystals: Creativity

Crystals is the suit of the mind. Since a crystals card has shown up in the “emotions” position of the spread, this indicates that your mind may try to meddle with your emotions.

Emotions are not logical, and if you try to explain them, defend them or justify them to another person by using logic, things will not go well.

Some tough emotions might come up for you this fall because of the theme of Illumination. Some things might come to light that will be uncomfortable for you to deal with and process.

But the Angels want you to know that it’s ok to feel your feelings and keep your mind out of it. You don’t need to analyze all of your emotions as you go through the process. Just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. Lean into the whole situation and then allow the emotion to dissolve.

If you try to stuff down your feelings by dismissing them in your mind, eating, drinking, denial, etc., then the energy gets stuck in your chakras or your aura and stays around in your energetic system. If you can face your feelings and allow yourself to feel them, then they will pass through your system and leave you feeling much lighter and freer. 

Card 3 - Physical
Sage of Wands: Seer

This is a season for really seeing and paying attention to what is around you. Especially the good things. Thanksgiving happens during this fall season, and this card is popping up with a strong message to pay attention and really see the good that already surrounds you.

Many times you pay more attention to what you want and don’t have than what you already have that is fantastic. The Angels are encouraging you to be grateful and pay attention to all of the great people and things around you.

Specifically, I’m getting an image of sunset and nature. So, don’t miss out on the beautiful fall colors this season. Take a moment to pay attention to the sky at sunset and the leaves on the trees as they change color.

Notice the beauty around you this season and you will feel happy and thankful just to be alive. 

Card 4 - Spirit
Sage of Crystals: Knower

This card matches up with the Illumination card for your Fall forecast. A strong energy of spiritual illumination is coming into your life and the Sage of Crystals means that you will be able to mentally comprehend and understand your life on a new level.

You will get a different perspective and clarity on your life’s purpose. You will feel more confident about decisions that you are making and the direction that your life is going. You will tap into the deep knowing of your value as a soul and a human being on Earth right now.

This season is also a good time to take a spiritual course or read a new book. Your mind is ripe for picking up new information and using it to help you feel more spiritual peace and connection.

You have the chance to remember who you are as a Divine being and to move through your life with the confidence and self esteem that knowledge inspires.

Which card did you choose? What's on the horizon for you this fall?

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