Hump Day Card Game - Wednesday, May 27

Hi! I know that Wednesday can be a rough day in the middle of your week. So I've asked the angels and guides for an inspirational message to give you a little boost as you work through today.

Here's how to play the Hump Day Reading Game:

1. Take a deep breath and relax.
2. Take a look at the picture of the three cards.
3. Choose the number of the card that appeals to you the most.
4. Scroll quickly to the bottom of the page and comment with the number that you choose. (This step is important because you will get a stronger message by intentionally choosing a card than you would if you just read through them all.)
5. Come back up to the top of the page and read the description for the card that you chose.
6. Comment again and let me know if what you got from this reading. Did it make any connections? Was it helpful?

Ready to see your card? 

Don't look until you've commented below with your number!

 Card 1: Seven of Worlds - Breakthrough

Card 1: Seven of Worlds - Breakthrough

 Card 2: Six of Worlds - Synergy

Card 2: Six of Worlds - Synergy

 Card 3: Six of Crystals - Confusion

Card 3: Six of Crystals - Confusion

Card 1
Seven of Worlds: Breakthrough

Today is a day for breakthrough! The "Worlds" suit is usually referring to job and career. Whether it's a project that you've been stuck on or just a feeling of boredom at work lately, today is a great day to get unstuck and move forward. There is an image of a volcano erupting on this card, and it's that's almost how you will feel as the pressure of a challenging situation in your life dissipates and releases. The angels want you to know that you don't need to force this to happen. If you feel stuck, then it's time to take a little break and go for walk. Especially if the weather is nice! When you come back from your break, relax into it and your breakthrough will come.

Card 2
Six of Worlds: Synergy

Worlds is the suit of worldly and physical things like career, possessions and manifesting items that you desire. Today is a day to build synergy into your life by taking a deep breath and waiting for things to align before you take action and force forward movement. Everything will get done today as it's supposed to, but you don't have to push it and force it. The other people involved and the forces of the universe are working on this too and you are not responsible to do everything yourself. Give yourself a little break today and allow the synergy of the universe to figure out how everything will come together.

Card 3
Six of Crystals: Confusion

The crystals suit refers to the mind. So, it looks like your mind may be experiencing a bit of confusion today. Whether it's about work, relationships or life in general, the angels want you to know that confusion is ok. Clarity is on the other side of confusion. If you start to feel confused today, the angels want me to suggest an exercise that's been working really well for me lately. Take a notebook and pen and write. Just write all of your thoughts and feelings as a stream of consciousness. Make it your goal to fill up at least 3 pages in your notebook, depending on the size. Maybe more than three if it's a teeny notebook. After you spew out all of your thoughts and feelings, you should feel lighter with an increased sense of clarity and decreased feeling of confusion.


Which card did you pick? Did the reading resonate for you today? I’d love to know your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!

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