Hump Day Card Game - December 8, 2015

Happy Hump Day! Have you ever had one of those nights where you slept sooooo well and had wonderful dreams? That’s what happened to me last night! And boy did I need it! I have been dog sitting and then adopted a new dog of my own (picture posted below) so I have NOT been sleeping as much as I would like. Finally, I had a great night’s sleep and I feel fantastic.

So, I know that today’s Hump Day Card Game is going to be an uplifting, inspiring and accurate message from the Angels! Let’s play!

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Meet my new dog, Gus!

If you've followed me for awhile, then you know that I lost my dog Gravy in October. It was heart breaking. However, the good news about being a psychic is that Gravy is now one of my spirit guides and I can feel him near me protecting me and sending love. And, he guided me to adopt this new dog!

Gus is a 1.5 year old Beaglier, which is a Beagle and King Charles Spaniel mix. His former owner had medical issues and could not care for him, so gave him up to a local shelter and that's where I found him. He's super sweet, full of energy and loves to fetch. I know he's going to be a great companion and I'm so happy to have a new member of the family.