How do you know if you're in a relationship with a narcissist?

I came across an article today that talked about the common, toxic relationships between empaths and narcissists. And there was a piece in there that really struck a cord with me.

I realized the huge red flag that I missed when I was dating my narcissistic ex. And I also noticed that I feel much differently in my current relationship. Which was a sigh of relief because I've always been paranoid that I'll get into another relationship with a narcissist. But I feel much better about my current relationship after learning what I share with you in the video below.

I hope this tip can help you get more clear about whether or not your romantic, friends and family relationships are healthy for your spirit.

Abundance Reading with Archangel Gabriel

I'm going to keep today's reading short and sweet. Why? Because I'm doing free, live money readings this Thursday! And you're invited! 

You'll have the chance to get messages from your Angels about your money situation and how to allow more abundance. Just in time for the holiday madness to begin. Register for the group money readings here.

Here's a preview of the types of things we'll talk about in the group money reading session on Thursday.

Today's card is the 3 of Gabriel. "Prosperity arising from wise planning. Time to take the next step. Optimistic plans that turn out as expected."

This card has an image of a ship coming in to harbor. And the message is that now is the time for your financial ship to come in! If you'll allow the prosperity to flow to you.

If you feel like you've got some money blocks and you're not allowing abundance to flow into your life, then call on Archangel Gabriel for assistance.

Archangel Gabriel is very closely connected with the second chakra, which is all about flow and prosperity. She's the best angel to call on if you've got writer's block and you're not able to tap into your creativity. She can help you to access the flow of ideas to continue your creative work.

And she can do the same thing with money! If you're feeling stuck or blocked or cut off from the supply of money that you've been asking for, call on Archangel Gabriel to remove your blocks to abundance and allow money, freedom and all good things to flow into your life.

I included a small piece of carnelian in the picture above. Carnelian is a wonderful stone to connect with Archangel Gabriel and support your second chakra. Work with carnelian with the intention to allow the flow of good stuff into your life and release any blocks that are in your way.

If you'd like more personal guidance around money and abundance, join the group money reading on Thursday, November 10 at 7 pm EST. 

If you can't attend live, don't worry. I'll be doing readings for some live viewers and some who pre-submit their money questions.

We'll also do a group clearing meditation which will be really powerful to forgive your past and move forward and allow more abundance to flow into your life.

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