Hi, I'm Delight! Yes, it is my real name. My mom picked it out for me. And no. She was not a hippy.

I live in Denver, Colorado and I'm a spiritual medium. I help people to connect with their spirit guides in order to gain clear insights that will help them fulfill their life's purpose. 

My Work

Did you know that you have a whole team of spiritual guides? These include angels, ascended masters, loved ones who have passed on, animals and more. 

I connect people with their team of angels and guides. Because sometimes it's really hard to listen to your own guidance and inner voice through the chatter of your monkey mind. Trying to make a big life decision or lifestyle change can be so confusing if you get stuck in your own head. So, I am here to help you sort through the bull sh*t and figure out what to do next in order to best fulfill your purpose on this earth.

I work with clients in person, over the phone/Zoom and through email. In the spirit world, space and distance are non-issues. Whether we sit down in my office in Denver or we talk through Zoom from a thousand miles away, I can get the same quality of helpful information about you from your spiritual guides.

My Background

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana. I was a very sensitive, quiet and creative kid. My family was very Christian and we went to church every Sunday. Looking back, I've always had intuitive abilities but I had no idea what they were or what to do with them because there was no one around me to guide me. As a result, I was scared of my abilities for a long time and did not pursue learning how to use them for many years.

I attended a Christian college, but by my senior year I decided that I just wasn't resonating with Christianity and I slowly began phasing church out of my life. For several years I felt lost and alone because I was still a spiritual person, but the only paradigm I understood was Christianity, and that wasn't working for me.

A big change happened for me in the spring of 2013. I visited a great friend from college while she was in hospice with terminal brain cancer. She was a strong Christian and the peace and hope that she felt in the face of death was incredibly inspiring to me. I decided that I needed to explore spirituality and find a belief system that would work for me.

I started meditating and practicing yoga. I learned how to do tarot card readings and got a mind-blowing psychic reading from my friend Laura Powers. After meeting with Laura, I knew that I was psychic too. I could just feel it deep down and I wanted to know how to tap into my abilities. I read every book I could find about psychic gifts and how to connect with the spirit world. Then, Laura started teaching psychic development classes and I jumped right in.  I studied mediumship, energy clearing, abundance readings and more. 

In 2015 I started my business in order to share what I have learned and help others make spirit connections. Check out my Work With Me page for more information about my services. Questions about me or what I do? Send me a message!