What do Chipotle and Reiki have in common?

Don't you love it when great opportunities just fall into your lap?

I sure do! And that's what happened to me last year when my friend Kris texted to ask if I wanted to do a Reiki day at her office. Their regular Reiki guy was sick and they wanted someone to fill in.

I said yes! Even though I'd only been a Reiki Master for a few months and I had to find a massage table to rent on short notice.

I was super nervous that first day, but everything went great! And they asked me to come back and rotate every other month with their original Reiki guy. So I landed a sweet gig!

And, since office pays me, the sessions are free for the employees. Which means that a lot of people are trying it out who have never had a Reiki session before. 

So, I've had the pleasure of introducing Reiki to lots of slightly skeptical but open and willing folks at this office. And the results have been wonderful!

I set up in a little tiny room near the copy machine. They come in to see me after working hard all day. They're often feeling stressed and ungrounded.

When they leave the 25-minute Reiki session, they are always so much more relaxed. They look 10 pounds lighter and 10 years younger.

I had one guy come in who'd had a constant pain in his side. His doctor didn't know what it was. But after 25 minutes of Reiki with me, the pain was gone! No joke! I actually couldn't believe it myself!

And another woman came in feeling dizzy and light-headed. She'd done yoga the day before and sometimes suffered this uncomfortable feeling afterwards. And she felt super frustrated about it because she loved yoga. After our Reiki session, the dizziness was gone and she was feeling much more grounded.

At the very least, everyone who's come in to see me on Reiki Day reports feeling much more relaxed and calm than they did when they started.

So, you might be wondering, how does Chipotle factor into this?

Another awesome part of Reiki Day is that I usually get to go to lunch with my friend Kris! There's a Chipotle right next door, so we run over there to grab some food. She gets 3 tacos. I get a burrito bowl. 

Now it's a tradition and I don't think about Reiki Day at Kris' office without immediately beginning to taste Chipotle in my mouth! ;) Yum!

Since I've seen great results from the 25 minute sessions that I do at Reiki Day, I want to start doing more Reiki. 

During the month of April I'm offering Reiki sessions on a Pay What You Will basis. 

For this session, you won't have to squeeze into a tiny room and try to block out the sounds of the copier. You'll be able to stay in your own home and relax in your own space.

The minimum cost for a 60 minute session is $60. You can choose to add more if you'd like. When this offer ends, the price for a 60 minute session will be $120. 

If you've had Reiki before but you're ready for an energetic tune up, or you've never tried Reiki and you're curious, this Pay What You Will offer is a great opportunity to try it out.

I hope that you'll become one of my first distance Reiki clients! If you're down to give it a try, cruise over to my Reiki page, choose your price and book your session.

Love and Reiki,


This is your chance to try Reiki! Pay What You Will thru April

Have you ever tried Reiki? 

Reiki is a form of energy healing. And it's one of the best ways to relax and de-stress that I know about. Plus, Reiki is wonderful for clearing away the energetic junk that us empaths tend to pick up along our paths.

I've been a Reiki Master for about a year and a half now. I've been doing office Reiki days in Denver and seeing some clients in person. But something was holding me back from officially offering Reiki sessions to my online peeps.

I know that Reiki is just as effective in person as it is from a distance. But I just wasn't sure how to format a distance Reiki session.

What's the best way to connect with distance clients? On the phone? Through Zoom? Do we talk the whole time or hang up and call each other back?

All these thoughts were kicking around in my mind.

And then I remembered what my favorite business guru Marie Forleo says, "Clarity comes from action, not thought."

So, I've decided to take some action to find the answers to these questions!

I'm looking for some guinea pigs to play with some Reiki with me! I'm making a Pay What You Will offer for anyone who would like to try out a distance Reiki session with me and give me feedback on their experience.

The session will be 60 minutes and the minimum payment is $60. You can choose to add to the $60 if you would like, or just go with the flat $60.

Once I get these sessions up and running, I'll be charging at least $120 for 60 minutes, so this is a great chance to try it out at a lower price!

So, what do you say? Want to receive some yummy, relaxing Reiki energy and help me perfect my distance Reiki format?

Hop on over to my Reiki page, choose your price and book your session now.

My top 5 tools for personal energy clearing

It's spring time! And the universal energy is very supportive for clearing your personal energy! 

In this 5 video series, you will discover 5 of my favorite tools to quickly and easily clear your energy. After using these tools, you'll feel refreshed, recharged and more clear about the next best step.

And I'll warn you...shit gets real! This had a profound effect on me. You'll see in Day 4. :)

I hope you enjoy these tools! They're great to use when your energy needs a quick tune-up. But when you feel like you're really going through a lot and you need a deeper energy clearing, I suggest booking a remote reiki session with me.

Reiki sessions are a new offering for me, so right now, I'm doing a Pay What You Will offer for energy clearing Reiki. Learn more and book your refreshing energy clearing session here

Angels to call on for energy clearing

Connect with your inner whale

The best crystal to use for energy clearing

What to do when you're overwhelmed

Moon and planet awareness

Want to catch these empath training videos live? Join the Empath's Oasis Facebook group and follow me on Facebook.

If you'd like a deep energy clearing to get your spring started right, book a reiki session with me.

Abundance Reading with Archangel Gabriel

I'm going to keep today's reading short and sweet. Why? Because I'm doing free, live money readings this Thursday! And you're invited! 

You'll have the chance to get messages from your Angels about your money situation and how to allow more abundance. Just in time for the holiday madness to begin. Register for the group money readings here.

Here's a preview of the types of things we'll talk about in the group money reading session on Thursday.

Today's card is the 3 of Gabriel. "Prosperity arising from wise planning. Time to take the next step. Optimistic plans that turn out as expected."

This card has an image of a ship coming in to harbor. And the message is that now is the time for your financial ship to come in! If you'll allow the prosperity to flow to you.

If you feel like you've got some money blocks and you're not allowing abundance to flow into your life, then call on Archangel Gabriel for assistance.

Archangel Gabriel is very closely connected with the second chakra, which is all about flow and prosperity. She's the best angel to call on if you've got writer's block and you're not able to tap into your creativity. She can help you to access the flow of ideas to continue your creative work.

And she can do the same thing with money! If you're feeling stuck or blocked or cut off from the supply of money that you've been asking for, call on Archangel Gabriel to remove your blocks to abundance and allow money, freedom and all good things to flow into your life.

I included a small piece of carnelian in the picture above. Carnelian is a wonderful stone to connect with Archangel Gabriel and support your second chakra. Work with carnelian with the intention to allow the flow of good stuff into your life and release any blocks that are in your way.

If you'd like more personal guidance around money and abundance, join the group money reading on Thursday, November 10 at 7 pm EST. 

If you can't attend live, don't worry. I'll be doing readings for some live viewers and some who pre-submit their money questions.

We'll also do a group clearing meditation which will be really powerful to forgive your past and move forward and allow more abundance to flow into your life.

Sign up for the group money reading here!


Angel week reading with Archangel Metatron

Yes, I realize that today is Halloween...but I'm a little more excited about another special date. 

We are in the 44th week of 2016! It's Angel week!

And if you know about Angel numbers, then you know that 44 means a very strong connection with the Archangels. So, this is a great week to pull out your Angel cards and do some meditating in order to tap into the power of the Archangels. And be sure to stay open to their guidance!

Leap of Faith - Archangel Metatron

Believe in yourself! Listen to your heart. Do what gives you joy!

Chakra Clearing - Archangel Metatron

Call upon me to clear and open your chakras using sacred geometric shapes.

Tomorrow I'm releasing a brand new training that will teach you exactly how to call on Archangel Metatron to clear your chakras and feel your best. Keep an eye on your inbox for more info. And if you're not on my email list yet, be sure to sign up now!

Angel Tarot Card of the Week - The Lovers

I was about to shuffle my deck of Archangel Power Tarot cards and pull one, when I realized that there was a lone card stuck in the bottom of the box. I checked in with the Angels, and, yes, this is the card of the week! I didn't even have to pick one. It picked me.

This week's card is...

The Lovers - 6 - Archangel Raphael

Make choices from your heart. Deeply emotional commitments. The power of love.

Archangel Raphael is most famous for being a healing Angel. He's great to call on when you or a loved one isn't feeling well and need some physical or emotional healing.

One of Raphael's lesser known talents is matchmaking! If you're looking for a fantastic romantic partner, call on Raphael for help pointing you in the right direction. He can guide you toward healing yourself so that you're ready for a healthy relationship. And he can also help you to show up in the right place at the right time to connect with your new love. I know that's what I'm looking for. A "meet cute" orchestrated by Archangel Raphael! ;)

If you've already found the love of your life, Archangel Raphael can help you to meet wonderful soul mate friends. And he can also help connect you with wonderful friends or business partnerships that will be just the right fit. Just ask Raphael to help you meet the people who you really need in your life right now.

You can say something like...

Archangel Raphael, I'm ready for a new romantic partner (friend, biz bestie, etc.) in my life. Please guide me today to take the next best steps to meet them. I'm open to receive your healing energy to help me to become the best friend/partner that I can be. Thank you for your guidance and connecting me with my soul mate.

What are you going to ask Archangel Raphael for this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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Life Purpose Reading - October 17, 2016

Let's talk about life purpose!

Today's reading will help you discover what you can focus on today to fulfill your larger life purpose. 

Choose card 1, 2 or 3. Then watch the video to see your card.

Want deeper, personalized guidance to help you get clear on your life purpose?

1. Book 30 or 60 minute private reading with me. We'll talk through video chat and I'll get in touch with your personal Angels and guides to find out the next best steps for you to take to fulfill your life purpose. And, if you're feeling blocked by fear, we'll do some healing around that to free you up to take action and move forward. If you're ready to get started, I've got some time available this week! Investment = $100 for 30 minutes or $200 for 60 minutes. Book a reading here.

2. Join Confident Empath Community. Tomorrow at 7 pm EST we're doing a live Q&A call where members can talk with me about anything that's important to them, including life purpose. I channel messages from the Angels can benefit all members of the community. This is a great way to get more clarity and confirmation that you're on the right path. You'll also have the chance to make new friends and join a group of like-minded people who also want to uncover and fulfill their life purpose. The cost is $44/month. Join Confident Empath Community and let's talk tomorrow!

Card 1: Let Go  

"Walk away from this situation in order to resolve it."

Stone 1: Yellow Calcite

Card 2: Children

"Your life purpose involves helping, teaching and healing children."

Stone 2: Sunstone

Card 3: Career Change

"You're embarking upon a career that brings you the joy and abundance you desire and deserve."

Stone 3: Labradorite

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Angel Number 10 + Angel Card Reading for 10/10

Today is 10/10! It's a fantastic day to do work, be inspired with exciting new ideas and move forward with confidence. Learn more about the meaning of Angel number 10 in today's vlog.

For today's reading, I used the Angel Answers deck by Doreen Virtue. This deck is designed to give you a really direct answer to a yes/no question.

So, take a breath to center and then think of a question for your angels. Ask something like...

Is it in my best interest to take this new job offer? Is moving to a new house the next best step for my family? Is my current partner the best match for me?


And then watch the video below to see your card and get your answer from the Angels!

Since 10/10 is a great day for confidence, it's a great day to learn more about the Confident Empath Community!

Confident Empath Community (CEC) is a place for sensitive people to come together and support each other. It's hard when you're feeling energetically overwhelmed and friends and family don't understand you. They say that you're "too sensitive" or you just need to "get over it" and "toughen up."

You will never hear that inside CEC! Members of CEC understand exactly what you're going through! We will never dismiss you, minimize your experience, call you crazy or the dreaded "too sensitive.

We all work together to support each other in improving our energy boundaries, learning to let go of overwhelm and developing the special gifts that come along with our sensitivities.

Learn more about Confident Empath Community

How to Trust Your Intuition - Goddess Card Reading

Ever have trouble feeling like you can really trust your intuition?

You're not alone.

Last week I sent out a survey to all of my email subscribers. I asked about what they were struggling with in their personal and spiritual lives.

People said...

"I want to learn to tune in to my intuition."

"I need to trust my intuition more."

"I would like to know the difference between ego vs. divine messages."

"I am always trying to figure out how to increase my intuition and strengthen my spirituality."

As I read these comments, I wanted to shout...I KNOW WHAT TO DO!

And, in this video, I'll share my favorite tool to help you stay calm and trust your intuition.

You're invited!

Join this week's free live Intuitive Oracle Practice Session on Thursday, October 6!

We'll meet online in a video chat to take turns reading cards for each other.

There's no better way to build your intuitive muscles than to read cards for others and get immediate feedback!

If you're serious about increasing your intuition and really trusting the messages that you get, then join us to sharpen your Oracle card skills.

I'm ready to trust my intuition

Isolt - Undying Love

"The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation."


Maeve - Cycles and Rhythms

"Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions."

Bast - Independent

"Your independence is a foundation for your strength and success."